WDM 135A (2-wire)/ WDM 136A (4-wire)

WDM-135A/WDM-136A Industrial electric conductivity meter transducer Item Electric conductivity (resistivity, concentration) Application Water supply Sewerage Features Compact and robust aluminum case, simple operation on-site electrical conductivity meter Wide measurement range from ultrapure water to drainage Transmission output range can be changed Range Minimum 0 – 0.2 μS / cm Maximum 0 – 20 mS / …

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HBM 160B/HBM-162B

HBM 160B/HBM-162B pH/ORP meter converter (4-wire type) Item pH ORP Application Water supply Sewerage Features Continuous measurement of trace amounts of ozone (O3) concentration in the atmosphere by the ultraviolet absorption system Automatic zero calibration is possible by incorporating a zero-gas purification unit in the analysis unit Easy operation by touch panel method Adoption of …

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HBM 100B/HBM-102B

HBM-100B(pH)/ HBM-102B(ORP) Panel-type pH/ORP controller Item pH ORP Features Compact DIN96 size panel-mounted pH/ORP controller Automatically determines the quality of electrode characteristics Display with LED backlight Range pH meter( HBM-100B); pH 1-14 ORP meter (HBM-102B); -2000 – +2000 mV